Linux dedicated server runs but hangs and doesn't show log information

I’m currently trying to find out how build dedicated servers for Linux and using the ShooterGame provided by Epic as an example. I have been following this wiki (

I have built v4.19 of the engine from source on Github. I have been able to build, deploy and run a dedicated windows correctly without problems. I have also successfully built the Linux server (on a Windows 10 PC using the cross compilation toolchain) and moved it my remote server running Ubuntu 16.04.

However, whenever I try to run the following command from the command line after SSHing into my machine:

./ShooterGameServer -log

The process launches and I can kill the process by using Ctrl+C but I don’t get any information printed to the screen like I did when running the Windows server. I’m also not able to connect to the server from the client on my Windows computer. I can further confirm that server has been launched because I can see it in the list of processes when running “ps ax”. However the servers process always lists its status as S+ (Interruptible sleep).

I’m out of ideas on how to debug this further. If you guys could could point me in the best way to precede is and debug this, that would be awesome.

I too have the same issue, the Linux terminal no longer shows any debugging info. My dedicated Linux server ran great on 4.18 and is now broken on 4.19 and I can’t get any logging info to help determine the issue. Just blank. Nothing in the Saved directory either.

Sorry for the late response, but check out this thread on the answer hub. Linux dedicated server doesn't show log information - UE4 AnswerHub It could fix your issue