Linux Cross Compile linking errors with steam

I´ve tried several times building my game for linux with cross compiling, but every time i get multiple errors:

In function SteamUser()': undefined reference to SteamInternal_ContextInit’
In function SteamApps()': undefined reference to SteamInternal_ContextInit’

(I have more than hundred of lines with these errors)

These errors coming from the onlinesubsystemsteam files.
It looks like steam isn´t added to the linker, but if i add the library manually to the linker i am also getting the linker errors.

I have build the engine from source and also have the right clang version for cross compiling.

Did someone know what i can do to resolve these linker errors?

Thank you!

I found the problem.
I used as target LinuxAArch64, but the steam library / steam c++ files are not compatible with LinuxAArch64.
So the linker has the library included, but the library didn´t work with LinuxAArch64.