Linux cross-compilation on 4.6.1 (binary version)

I just noticed that on the binary version of 4.6.1, you can cook for Linux, instead of downloading the sources, compiling the engine and the Linux modules. However, I can’t package my game, and I obtain the following errors :

*ERROR: Exception thrown while processing dependent modules of Launch
Exception thrown while processing dependent modules of Core
ERROR: Couldn’t find module rules file for module ‘jemalloc’.

So, the error means that the modules hadn’t be compiled. Does that mean I still have to download the source version of UE for targetting Linux platforms ?

From my understanding you always have to download the source. CLANG requires the source to recompile all the code and then perform the cook for the platform in question. I am not aware that you can cook without the source version … to be honest I have never tried. Sorry I can’t be more help. 8-{

So, what’s the point including Linux in the binary version if it doesn’t work? ^^’

It is not included in the binary version (for 4.6 at least). However, seems like it is erroneously picking up the toolchain if you installed it on your own - thanks for pointing this out!

Any guides on cross compilation. I build UE4.6.1 from git and install v4_clang-3.5.0_ld-2.24_glibc-2.12.2 as the guide shows but i cant get a successful game build

“shipping” + 64bit = fail doesn’t cook the game
“Development” + 64 bit = fail doesn’t cook the game
“Shipping” + linux =Fail

(I am cooking tappy chicken but my “big game” fails as well )

You need to build Win64 Development Editor after you install the toolchain, or you won’t get target platform modules built for Linux (which is what seems to be the reason for failures). Check that you have Engine/Binaries/Win64/Linux directory and that there are dlls like UE4Editor-LinuxNoEditorTargetPlatform.dll etc

Woow that build took 2 hours really !?

Anyway I after it was done I couldn’t find the “UE4Editor-LinuxNoEditorTargetPlatform.dll” in the directory and I am now waiting for tappy to finish

I have no idea why it is taking 40 minutes to pack tappy chicken for linux, on the plus side I see a 64bit shipping build option available.

The compiler failed again , here is the LOG

Edit : I just realized the log is a bit hard to read , I will recook and provide a smaller log

here you go a bit tidier

Seems like CrashReportClient binary is not included, so you have to build CrashReportClient for Linux first (this is easier than modifying the packaging code to omit it).

OMG i just saw in** VS** if you click on the window where all the debug/shipping things are the last one lets you tick in the desired features. Both CrashReportClient and CrossCompileTool were not ticked in my case. #noob

I am building "Debug for Win64 " config since it had them all ticked, but if this doesn’t work I will tick in CrashReportClient and CrossCompileTool for Win64 Development Editor.

Another day another fail :stuck_out_tongue:
here’s the log

Now I am building this a2ceef53c9405e366dc915fe1e6022d7783bfd77.jpeg

I must be doing something wrong and it is a very noob mistake i am sure…

Ok I checked now and I do have the UE4Editor-LinuxNoEditorTargetPlatform.dll in Engine\Binaries\Win64\Linux
The build still failed.

How do I build CrashReportClient for Linux?
In solution explorer I searched for CrashReportClient and It came out under Programs\private\Linux;mac;windows ( so each platform has it yes?) I right click the two ++in a square thing(for CrashReportClient) and Build.

Am I building ue4 wrongly? In solution explorer I right click the Solution’UE’ (38 projects) Clean > Build

Set platform to Linux and configuration to Development, and then build CrashReportClient project :slight_smile:

YEAAAAAAAH BUID SUCCEEDED !!! In VS in BUILD > BUILD> Projects >CrashReportClient> OK and it worked .

Booting ubuntu and going to try to run it (fingers crossed)

Yep Tappy is flapping , the textures are all black but I am pretty sure its my fault cuz i have not installed special drivers or stuff to make it OS more gaming capable.

Thanks. I will post how my game looks tomorrow. Cheers !