Linux Compiling Issues

I’m setting up a Linux PC (running Linux Mint 19.1) in our new co-workspace but I’m running into a few issues with Unreal Engine. Here are the things I did so far:

Now these are the issues I’m having with the current setup:

  • Compiling code changes and starting the C++ project from within QtCreator (build and run) doesn’t apply code changes in-game or probably anything at all, even though it does seem to recompile stuff. Example: Changed jump height for player character in QtCreator → build and run, tested in-game, jump height didn’t change. It ONLY works by pressing the compile button within Unreal Editor
  • There’s no way to set up QtCreator as the default code editor within Unreal Editor (for opening C++ files from Unreal Editor), only CodeLite, KDevelop and some other are provided, even though the official guide uses QtCreator as leading example. The default setting says something like “Null Source Code Editor” or something similar
  • An existing project cannot be opened on Linux (created on Windows, although I generated new project files to use with QtCreator), it fails with a message telling me to try compiling from source manually. This doesn’t work, most likely because of the first issue above. Everytime I try it still fails, saying that module “libUE4Editor-MyProjectName” or something similar could not be compiled

Anyone having similar issues?