[Linux] COMPILE button disappears using Reliable Server WithValidation UFUNCTION

To reproduce:

1- Create a new 4.8 project (I chose First-Person C++)

2- In the Character.h, in the public class def, add a UFUNCTION as such:

UFUNCTION(Reliable, Server, WithValidation)

void SomeFunction(void);


…COMPILE Button disappears

…there should be a bit better handling of basic errors imho.

I also get

error 139

once in a while when I move some functions around, add some other functions to a class, and recompile. I’ve found out after some time that removing the entire Intermediate/Build directory (including all cache files) and triple-checking the input/output parameters of such functions usually fix this error and the compile button would reappear.

I’m marking this as closed I guess… hopefully it’ll help someone.