Linux compatibility for TC mods


Thought I should put something up here, as I’ve gotten some feedback on my TC mod… and I’ve also heard of another TC mod… that it doesn’t work the same on Windows.

For example:

On Linux, dinosaur character BP variants added to spawners are not spawning on the map nor can be cheat summoned. However, they are definitely being cooked into the Linux folder of the mod.
On Windows single-player/non-dedi/dedi… there are no issues at all.

If anybody else is coming across Linux-related issues (TC or additive mods) please post here so we can collate feedback for the devs.

hey Jason,

I linked this post to the devs :slight_smile:

Edit :

Question :

Is it linux client or server that have the issue ?

Devs think they know where it came from and will fix it.

I believe it’s the Linux server, but let me confirm.

uhh this could be it! Maybe im not crazy!