Linux, C++ IDE integration

Hi guys,

I’m trying out the Unreal Engine 4. Downloaded the release-zip from github and went thorugh the installation process. The editor starts and I can do basic things like create projects.

But the integration part of an IDE for C++ projects is wonky. I use Eclipse CDT for my projects, but I don’t insist on it. I found out CodeLite is supported by the accessors that came with the engine, but helpful entries on the web are outdated and contradictory, or links become broken in the course of history. There’s a video series by one Yaakuto (thanks for the efforts), but I don’t even get over the first step of creating a C++ project.

There’s a warning and the editor closes, leaving me where I began several min(!) earlier:

[2021.05.27-09.36.12:331][355]LogCodeLiteAccessor: Warning: FCodeLiteSourceCodeAccessor::OpenSolution: “/usr/bin/codelite” “/home/kemde//Unreal_Projects/MyProject/MyProject.workspace”
[2021.05.27-09.36.12:332][355]LogHAL: Warning: Process (pid=7208) is still running - we will reap it in a waiter thread, but the thread handle is going to be leaked.

What helps for a frictionless integration of an IDE on Linux ?

Many thanks for help !

Hi Baron_Verde,

I’m also trying to integrate my IDE with Unreal, but it’s Qt Creator.
I thought it would be the easiest choice, because there is a description how to do it in the documentation of Unreal here:

However, I’m getting “Failed to start program. Path or permissions wrong?” error all the time.
I triple checked if I did everything as described there and it seems so.
I tried both on release branch and master and also default Qt Creator from Ubuntu repository as well as the newest one installed by the dedicated Qt online installer.
The problem is the same.

I hope someone who knows how to configure IDE with Unreal on Linux will help us :slight_smile:
It’d be awesome!