Linux build from source: "make clean"?

Hi all,
is there a way to clean up all intermediate files after a successful Linux build to free some of the HD storage again, like “make clean”, or maybe a simple way to install the binaries in, say, /opt, like other packages?

Thx in advance.

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Yes, you run UnrealBuildTool with -clean option. It will only delete object files, but you can manually delete intermediate folder and if you use generated IDE project, you need to regenerate it again as UBT holds some project files in Intermediate

Thanks a lot for the help and sorry for the late reply, I got sidetracked …

It seems UnrealBuildTool isn’t included in a default build under Linux? I could find directories related to it but no compiled binary. However I have to postpone that issue for another couple of days … other business inserted itself.

make ARGS="-clean"

That’s the command you are looking for