[Linux] [Bug] Matinee: Can't add key, set value or set time on certain tracks

When trying to add a key on for example an event track using either the GUI button or enter key in Matinee, nothing happens. Same goes for changing the time of any other keys and changing the value of some like float. As these types of operations depend on entering a value, I believe this bug might be related to a common problem of not being able to display certain dialog boxes, it looks like they get canceled immediately.

Unfortunately, there is no console output when the error happens.
I’ve tested this on both an Intel and NVIDIA GPU.

Any temporary fixes for this?

EDIT: It might be related to this issue, as I am running Gnome Shell

Hi there

I know the issue. It has nothing to do with the gfx card. Temporary fix would be comment the lines in LinuxApplication.cpp:1387 - 1416 (branch 4.8) until the fix comes out. Unfortunately that will cause other issues like reverting focus back to parent window will not work for popup windows. At least you should see your windows.
Are you using 4.7 official branch? I

I tried switching to 4.8 and Unity desktop, this completely took care of all focus related problems. I’d say that is the most optimal solution for now.

Best solution for now is to stick with Unity desktop until this is fixed

Those issues are fixed and got upstream into the master branch. That means it will work on the next release of UE4 which should be 4.9.