[Linux][4.6/4.7] Project content not visible

I created a new project in Unreal Editor 4.6 (release) and then opened it after upgrade in 4.7 (master) both compiled on Linux x64. I created a simple level and went on to create a level blueprint. During the creation of this blueprint the editor crashed. Since I reopened the project, I can’ t see any content in the Content Browser and I can’ t load nor edit a level blueprint. This issue also has been reported by another user with 4.6 (release) on the Linux community IRC channel (only for content browser).

Any ideas? I really don’ t want to remake my project, and I can’ t rely on the stability of Unreal Editor on Linux.

Master here, too, from 8 hours ago. I can indeed confirm this bug. But it doesnt happen anymore with new projects I create.

When I open the filemanager, the files are still there, can you confirm?

I can confirm that the files are present in the project directory, but do not open up in the Content Browser.

The problem was resolved. It seems that one of the versions of the editor has broken the saved project. After creating new project and copying the created map there, everything came back and the problem never happened again. It seems to be fixed.