[Linux] 4.18 regression

After upgrading to 4.18 project halts on assertion. Is there any solution for this?

LogRHI: OpenGL MajorVersion = 4, MinorVersion = 5, ShaderPlatform = GLSL_430, FeatureLevel = SM5
UE4Editor: elf_end.c:53: int elf_end(Elf *): Assertion `e->e_activations == 0’ failed

Arch Linux, Radeon HD7970

As i can see, something was changed in elftoolchain recently? Where i can information about UE-51843?

commit hash: 897e6da82683b7db14d69023c0cdc52bfb3b57e1

Thanks for bringing this up - I’ll fix UE-51843 differently.

I’m not sure that this commit responsible, just lookin for possible cause. Now i’m trying to force redownload of dependencies, since they cached by GitDependencies

Thanks! Recent commit from 4.18 branch solves this problem.

Yes, that commit is most likely responsible. Visibility of elf_end() was changed to resolve another problem linking with a library that itself used libelf, but this apparently is still causing incompatibilities with AMD drivers (which use libelf as well).

Thanks for confirming!