Linus DEdicated Server - Requirement - More core or more power?


We just hit the ground with our small server when playin a 10 player match. Our server machine is clearly a low end so no real surprise.
But how to size properly our needs?

On the dedicated server what’s the most important, a powerful cpu or a less power cpu but with more Core.
I’m not familiar enough with the threading model on dedicated server and how much thread will it use when running.

I will apreciate your feedback on this and if you are using Dedicated server what are the spec.

My first insight is that we need more power and that the server don’t use a lot of thread (because mainly the game thread is 90% of the server job).


A few questions from me:

1 - Have you done any network profiling? That will be a big clue as to where your bandwidth is disappearing too, and also how much bandwidth you actually need as well.
2 - How many players are you targeting?
3 - Not using a dedicated server myself (yet), managed to get 16 PIE clients in a pretty network-heavy game without too much trouble. Not that that’s a great test…

1 - Yes and the bandwith is clearly not the issue
2 - We are targetting 10 players
3 - In my home computer the 10 players (with me playing) work fine. It’s just the dedicater server that is not enough “powerfull”. But to make a choice between the different offers, I just wanted to get some feedback from the community on those who face that before me ^^

What are the specs of the dedicated server you are using? What are the specs of the your home PC where it runs fine? The answer might be there somewhere.

The server is just 2 small vcore and my PC is a i7. So there is a range of CPU between the two.

I was just wandering what are the min specs to run Server for UT / Shootergame for a 5v5. I don’t want to take that as “this is it” but a start.

On the other side, we rent a bigger machine where we set some tools to understand our needs.
What we saw is that 8Threads are launched and mostly 1 is really active (Game thread for sure ^^)