Linking error when porting IM4U plugin (4.25) to 4.26

I’m getting linking errors when trying to compile a 4.25 plugin IM4U (GitHub - tekifuta/IM4U: Import MMD models and motion files plugin for Unreal Engine 4.) in 4.26.
ProcessImportMeshInfluences(), ProcessImportMeshMaterials() and ProcessImportMeshSkeleton() are the problem. These were used with extern void ProcessImportMeshInfluences(FSkeletalMeshImportData& ImportData); (and similar for the other two) but this stopped working in 4.26 for some reason.

According to ProcessImportMeshSkeleton | Unreal Engine Documentation it seems like the module is UnrealEd but it is already added in the plugin build.cs dependencies so I’m confused. Does anyone know what’s wrong?