Linking a GPL-v3 library in my game

Hey there!

I’m currently working on a plugin for my game called RobotVoice, which should give robots in my world a voice using a Text-To-Speech system.

The library I’d like to use for that is espeak-ng, which is shipped under the GNU GPL-v3 license.

I know that this license falls under the nom-compatible license models stated in the UE4 EULA, but I’d like to know the details. Am I allowed to link this library, either statically or dynamically? If dynamically, shipping the .dll with the game is okay? What if I give attribution and credit to the original authors?


Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide you with specific advice on how to comply with the GPL. We can say, however, that linking a GPL library with an Unreal Engine project in such a way that would require all or any part of Engine Code to be distributed under the terms of the GPL is prohibited.

Hey, thanks. Is there a mail or something where I can discuss this specific case to find a solution? Thanks!

For advice on how to comply with the GPL, we recommend you consult an attorney.