Linker Options (-rdynamic?) for Compiling In Angelscript on Linux

I have Angelscript compiling in on Windows, but am trying to develop on Linux. I have copied the Angelscript files into the project, just as I did on Windows, but when compiling the project I am now getting an error of:

LogCore: Warning: dlopen failed: Unreal Projects/GameEssentials/Binaries/Linux/ undefined symbol: asAllocMem
LogModuleManager: Warning: ModuleManager: Unable to load module 'Unreal Projects/GameEssentials/Binaries/Linux/' because the file couldn't be loaded by the OS.

Upon investigation, I found this stackoverflow answer with a similar issue:

I believe this could be the same issue, since Angelscript has this block for the asAllocMem:

 #ifndef ANGELSCRIPT_DLL_MANUAL_IMPORT extern "C" {    // Engine    AS_API asIScriptEngine *asCreateScriptEngine(asDWORD version = ANGELSCRIPT_VERSION);    AS_API const char      *asGetLibraryVersion();    AS_API const char      *asGetLibraryOptions();     // Context    AS_API asIScriptContext *asGetActiveContext();     // Thread support    AS_API int               asPrepareMultithread(asIThreadManager *externalMgr = 0);    AS_API void              asUnprepareMultithread();    AS_API asIThreadManager *asGetThreadManager();    AS_API void              asAcquireExclusiveLock();    AS_API void              asReleaseExclusiveLock();    AS_API void              asAcquireSharedLock();    AS_API void              asReleaseSharedLock();    AS_API int               asAtomicInc(int &value);    AS_API int               asAtomicDec(int &value);    AS_API int               asThreadCleanup();     // Memory management    AS_API int   asSetGlobalMemoryFunctions(asALLOCFUNC_t allocFunc, asFREEFUNC_t freeFunc);    AS_API int   asResetGlobalMemoryFunctions();    AS_API void *asAllocMem(size_t size);    AS_API void  asFreeMem(void *mem);     // Auxiliary    AS_API asILockableSharedBool *asCreateLockableSharedBool(); } #endif // ANGELSCRIPT_DLL_MANUAL_IMPORT  

That would be fixed by adding an -rdynamic option to the linker, but I haven’t been able to find out how to do that with the UBT. So the question is, how do I add -rdynamic to the linker options for UBT?