Linked Animation Blueprints - How to store parameters / can be used with complex systems?


I’m splitting up my big AnimGraph into Linked Animation Layers via “Animation Blueprint Linking”.
Except from the (very good) introduction How-To from the Documentation I can’t find further information on how to use it best.
I’m using an Animation Layer Interface so I can override various layers from my Main AnimBP on the fly.

That way I could swap out e.g. movement when swimming, walking etc. or interaction with objects.

Maybe somebody can help me out on some questions?

I want to create more complex Graphs with State Machines inside the linked AnimBPs.
Therefore I need a couple of variables (like e.g. Speed, Is Jumping etc.) from the Main AnimBP which I added as Inputs to the Animation Layers Interface layers.
I assigned the required variables to the “Linked Animation Layer” node in my Main Graph.

  1. Since the Animation Layers are AnimGraphs, how do I store the input parameters (from the Input Pose) into local variables for further use inside the state machines (in e.g. transitions)?
    In the AnimGraph I don’t have the “flow” pins to trigger the “set” methods of variables.

  2. Is it even possible to create State Machines in Linked Animation Blueprints?
    Or is this basically just used to switch out Animations with some additional calculations?

  3. Can someone point me to a more complex system that uses Linked Animation Blueprints? Or maybe somebody is using it and can send me some screenshots of how to best use them in a complex environment?



Did you ever figure this out? I’m looking for the same answer.