Linked Anim Graphs and Slot Animations

Is it a bug that i can’t play Slot Animations in a Slot when its inside a Linked Anim Graph?
Or is it a limitation?
Or do i need to do something else to enable it?


ok, if i get the instance GetLinkedAnimGraphInstanceByTag(“tagName”) and play the slot animation on the instance itself it works, i think if we play a slot animation in the main graph it should look for the linked instances and play the same, its probably a bug

Well since nobody answered, and i think they will ignore my bug report because this may be intended behaviour
If you need to play slot animations in a linked anim graph you can get all your linked graphs with:

const TArray<UAnimInstance*>& linkedInstances = const_cast<const USkeletalMeshComponent*>(//YourSkeletalMeshComponent\)->GetLinkedAnimInstances()


have you checked if you have enabled this boolean in your linked AnimInstance class?


Thanks for sharing - this fixed the issue for me