Link win32 Third-Party Library?

i want to receive data from an external application, which is using VRPN-connection. so i’m am writing a VRPN Plugin.
since the offered vrpn.lib is still compiled in win32 the linking process fails at the external functions with L2019 (unresolved external symbol).

is it at least possible, to link a third-party 32-bit .lib?

if not: is there any chance to get a compiled 64-bit version of vrpn, or compile it from source?

to transfer data from an other programm to my unreal application, which requires a win32 library to get included, i wrote a small extra, win32 console application:
the tool runs in background, links to the libs and collects the data, while it sends the collected data over a tcp-socket (localhost) to unreal and receive it there using USocket.
i made an console framework 4.5 which i startup in code via windows console call:

FString cmdln = "start /B " + AppConnectorPath + "\\AppConnector.exe";
::_tsystem( *cmdln );

//(cmdln  = "taskkill /F /T /IM AppConnector.exe"; for closing)