Link To old version of documentation


Just checking if at all its possible to get link to old version of documentation to use while issues with new documentation are fixed.
My current work involves a lot of c++, and many of those docu links dont work anymore.

But a backup copy of old documentation could solve my issues.


Hi IkoLogs, that’s a great question. Currently we do not distribute older versions of the docs, or provide an offline version. This is something that we’ve received feedback for in the past and that we continue to consider. Thanks for the feedback and I’ll make sure to let the rest of the team know.


Its worth scouring the forums as this has been attempted before (collection of offline PDF’s).
On older engine versions (pre 4.18 so probably 4.10 ) Epic used to even ship a help file iirc.
So why is there no offline resources? IDK! But I’m no fan of the direction of the docs anyway…


Here’s a few paragraphs for now, as I’m sure you’re super busy and shorter is better… We can all agree that scraping source to auto-fill BP docs didn’t help much. But what’s really changed since Jeff Wilson posted here… Epic keep pushing videos (UOL / grants to youtubers) and there’s more Walls-Of-Text. But what else? Epic rarely offer working practical projects as examples that help fill in the holes in the docs.

Why is that important?

Its not enough to offer a crude label about what a particular BP node does, or even give a fixed example of it being used. Epic need to explain the caveats / gotchas / catches / assumptions / implications of using BP nodes, or one over another. Experienced C++ devs on here say, there’s no exception to learning except scouring the source. So what do the docs really offer the coder? Invariably devs have to build their own experimental prototypes to learn what works and what doesn’t. The docs can act as a valid secondary source, but as primary go to material - no way. And as regards video tutorials, check out threads like this

Since case studies / examples are important to get a point across. Here’s two for now (one answered / one left unanswered). But both show how learning from practical working projects surpasses text-docs / video tutorials… Example 1 - Example 2… Cheers! :slight_smile: