(Link to) IES Profiles for free

Hi people! I’m not sure if you knew that general electric gives for free IES profiles of nearly if not every single light they have for sale. You only need to input your mail, which for real is not the big deal, I’ve been using their system for years and never got a single spam mail nor any kind of mail besides the link for downlading the profiles.

You can get them here: http://genet.gelighting.com/LightProducts/Dispatcher?REQUEST=IESCATEGORYPAGE

If you’re not sure about what to download: you can always check the catalogue here: http://genet.gelighting.com/LightProducts/Dispatcher?REQUEST=PRODUCTS&PRODUCTLINE=Lamps&CHANNEL=Commercial

I have found their IES profiles not only accurate, but rather cheap in terms of reliability. Here’s a test screen done in the lightning level in the content example project. Hope you find it useful as I did!