Link to another ai controller?

the trigger is fireing but the link to the other blueprint is not working, im getting “bad” all the time
i want the trigger to activate the “GO event” in the other blueprint, but cant figure it out

Put a breakpoint at the triggerbox event to see what actor “other actor” is. If it’s a type of pawn and you’re attempting to use an AI controller on said pawn, you need to use the get controller node from pawn.

You can see the node here:
(image shameless borrowed from UE4 forums)

Hello, how can the breakpoint let me see what other actor this is?

i tried what u said but it seems something is still wrong with the trigger, because it still doesnt trigger the function.
I know the function is working because when i let it begin from levelstart (by eventbeginplay-node and not try to trigger it), the function works, please take a look at the screens

The breakpoint will let you see what the “other actor” is if you set it on the event; OR if you hook up the other actor to your cast, then a break point on your cast will also show you what “other actor” is on the cast node.

Besides that, you have the opposite idea - you shouldn’t use get controlled pawn - because the pawn is most likely what the “other actor” is. Instead you should try hooking “other actor” up to Get AI Controller. Until you do that, you have no need for Get Controlled Pawn.