Link error when using UAnimSequenceBase::GetAnimNotifiesFromDeltaPositions


I would like to use UAnimSequenceBase::GetAnimNotifiesFromDeltaPositions to get the trigger time of an notify of a section of a montage.

Unfortunately, using this code gives me a link error as the compiler can’t find the implementation of this function.

How could I do this?



Which headers and #includes are you using?

I don’t include any specific header. I just tried to include “Animation/AnimSequenceBase.h” but it doesn’t change a thing.

Which is normal, as it’s a link error.

I’ll see if I need to add something to my Build.cs file

Looking at the UAnimSequenceBase class, I can see it has the flag MinimalAPI, which I’m sure is the cause of this linker error.

Let’s try to find a way to solve that

At least I can directly use the Notifies table, which is sorted by trigger time. I don’t need the function then.

But still it would be nice to have an answer on how the function can be linked to a game project.