Hello, I’ve just released our game on Steam, which is powered by UE4.

It’s a 3 guy team’s first work.
In this game, we want to combine zen, views and a unique combat system.
About the combat, there’s no equipment, skill tree or level system in it, the main character is weaker and slower than enemies, hit and run doesn’t work. It’s all about counter punch, punch enemy when it is about to hit you.
The mechanics behind it are mostly opposite of usual thinking, you are weak, but you have to move close to the strong enemy by your will and counter punch with your shortest attack.
The game is inspired by Journey, Hyper Light Drifter, Dark Souls 3 and new DOOM.

We use physics system everywhere, to blend animations, move bullets, push characters, and it is good and smooth. (thanks Unreal)
And we tried a lot at how to smoothly load unload streaming levels, result is acceptable.
Also the whole game logic is in BP, only a few hack lines of C++ in AI system, with blueprint nativization, final performance is good.

Hope you’ll like it!