Linetracing not working


I’m working off of a file, and for now… I’m just trying to make my character able to pick up and drop a block via linetracing. Simple stuff.
But it’s not working for whatever reasons.

I was mimicing this guy’s video:

img1 shows the red linetracing line clearly visibly on and intersecting a object.
img2 shows the cube’s parameters, nothing special. Just to show it has simulating physics.
img3 shows my linetracing blueprints from Tesla’s video.
img4 shows that the line tracer line isn’t showing in the game despite my linetracer settings.

Anyone have a clue on the issue? or can point me in the right direction/othervideos. Thanks…

In your 3rd picture, when you are defining the start and end of your line trace, you might have a few issues.

Ignoring the starting position being the spring arm, this might be what you want based on where your camera is at, what you are trying to do is get a start position and an end position that is X units forward of the start. To do this you would:

  1. Get the World Location of your starting object, you are doing this, and set it as your Start, and you are doing this as well.
  2. Get the Forward Vector of the starting object, you are doing this sorta (you should get the rotation of the object then get the forward vector from that rotation), multiply it by an amount for the length you want you trace to be, you are doing this, then you want to ADD this to the starting location, you are not doing this you are multiplying it. Try making this adjustment for the End and see what happens.

Check out this link if you are still having trouble maybe it can help?