LineTrace To Check For Sphere Component

Hi, i’m having some issues with getting a line trace to hit a sphere component in my blueprint that is derived from one of my C++ classes.

What i want is that the line trace should hit the sphere component that i added onto the blueprint and then set a tag on. This will then trigger some code that i have written. But the line trace just keeps passing right through the sphere component without actually hitting it. I tried using a blocking volume outside a blueprint and managed to get it working when i gave the volume the right tag and shot a line trace against it.

But is there an component that i can use to place on my mesh that will interact with line trace that cant be seen in the game?
I know i can set a tag on the actual mesh but i don’t want it to be triggered by hitting any part of the mesh just a certain part of it, and i would like to not have to split the mesh into multiple movable parts.