Linetrace spawn decal at location not working + workaround

I am following “Code Like Me”:s 3rd person shooter tutorials but in his tutorial #20 he spawns decals at the end of a linetrace.

I tried his code but noticed not all linetraces hit the surface.

When I add -1, -1, -1 to my vector all hits on certain surfaces (like floor and surfaces facing say North and West) register but no hits on roofs and surfaces facing South and East register at all. To fix this I do another trace if first fails with +1, +1, +1 and this makes it correctly register hits on roofs and surfaces South and East.

With the attached blueprintcode it works as I want and register all hits on all surfaces but still I feel this is kind of “cheating” and ofcourse best would be if I didn’t have to do the second trace that it would all just work as expected on the first linetrace (if I removed the -1, -1, -1 vector and the entire code in the grey comment section)

How come not all hits are registred (only like 30-50% register) unless I add the -1, -1, -1 and then +1, +1, +1?

Get target linetrace: