Linetrace Pickup

I created a line trace by channel. And i have some money mesh that I made and I’m making it collect when the line trace hits it by destroying it. I gave it its own collision group called pickups just to separate it from everything else. Thing is the line trace prints that its hitting the blueprint and if I get a hit actor = then select the blueprint it always returns false. It is definantly hitting the blueprint just the = doesn’t see it as the same. I know it works because if I put not = it destroys everything even the floor. Don’t suppose anyone knows why this is?

Are they added to an array or something when spawned in the world to keep track of multiple instances?

It would be good to know if someone knows why this is when = hit actors or components.
I have a little workaround by checking if the object name is = to the name of the actor I want to pickup. This works but I have to increment the end number for how many are spawned. It must be doing something like this with the actors…

Yea its incrementing the actual name of the actor because of multiple instances, How would I increment it for the end number? and is that really a safe way to do it, I mean will an integer ever actually accidentally add one more than it should or forget one pickup which would knock it all out of sync?

Checkout my 2 answers here ( it shows 2ways of setting up a line trace pickup system) , it may help you.

thanks I will have a look