Linetrace impact point or location isn't where the red dot indicates in draw debug


I’m using a linetrace to detect where my projectiles hit an object. This all works fine except for one thing. The location / impact point of the hit is always correct when I draw a debug of the linetrace. But when I try to use the point to set the location of my projectile to the impact point it’s always different and not where the red dot indicates.

Here is the problem:

I’m wondering if the is a bug in the engine because the red dot indicatior on the debug linetrace seems to be different from the output location / impact point you get from break hit result.

hmmm i tried to recreate your error, but it works fine for me. Maybe your arrow mesh has an offset? I mean like it’s pivot is not on the tip of the arrow?
Could be many things. The collision of the target and so on…

I’m simply setting the location of the projectile actor to the location of the hit. I’ll try tor ecreate it from scratch see if I still have the issue.

I’ve done some testing and appearantly the offset is frame dependant. The higher the framerate the more accurately the actor is placed on the hit location. However when my framerate drops the actor is placed at an increasing offset away from the hit location.

Anyone have any idea?

How far from the world origin is this location?

Yeah I get it. I just thought that maybe the offset is in your arrow blueprint or something like that. Because it looked to me like the offset is always the same.

No, inside my arrow blueprint the arrow is perfectly centered. I now found out that it’s frame rate dependant. On high fps the arrow is close to perfectly where it should be, but on low framerate it gets an offset.

I’m not sure what you mean? You mean the hit’s vector 3 location?

Nvm I’m an extremely stupid man.

Epic facepalm on my end. The problem was that I set the actor’s location and disabled its movement. But the actor location setting happened before the disabling of the movement (tick), so the tick still runs for a few frames before it stops after being set to the impact point location, this was also the reason why fps affected the offset.