Linetrace from capsule side's

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Let say we want to do line trace from capsule component with some offset from his center. β€œB” its trace what we want.

How to easilly make it? Cause if we just add some value on Y axis, it would work on world coordinate, not local.

Yeah) That works on world coordinate, that means: if we rotate capsule on Z axis, trace start will start on same point, but it should rotate with capsule.

Im starting to thinl what just SceneActor used as a dummy would be most easiest and also most cheaper way to achieve this.

Yeah I see what you need now, I kind of goofed anyways. It was late lol…

Going with a dummy component is definitely easier, keeps you from having to do relative/local offsets and such. Just use a billboard component like this and it’s a piece of cake! Oh and make sure the billboard forward X vector is in the right direction in the 3d view.