Lines showing in between 2 or more assets

I have been making a bigger ‘floor’ and I get these lines in the ground in between the assets I set.

Check out the following link: ://www.worldofleveldesign/categories/udk/udk-lightmaps-03-how-to-fix-light-shadow-lightmap-bleeds-and-seams.php

It’s for UDK but the techniques probably apply in your situation. You need to ensure that you have clean lightmaps created for your meshes on a separate UV channel.

Yep that worked. All I had to do was the same thing with the overlapping uvs. Just generate new ones on channel 1.


Now, it’s actually happening in between 2 different objects. I thought it was a texture issue, but I set them with the same textures. And I also did the uv change. Same result as original.

Also ensure that you’re using the same lightmap resolution for both objects. It’s a property in the static mesh. You may need to just increase the amount of both objects, but try to make them both the same.

Also make sure that you have a lightmass importance volume in your level

Hi Lacker,

Using the methods above for the UV from World of Level Design will get you most of the way.

There are known issues with tiling pieces to have edge shadows and color continuity issues. This is mostly prevalent in shaded areas. Having direct light on the seams, if set up correctly in the UV and the edges are on a grid line in the UV you’ll be golden.

Here is a frame of reference from a AnswerHub post.

Another image for reference.

This is something to be mindful of, but if the UV seams are setup correctly shouldn’t be an issue in brightly lit areas.

If you have any questions let us know! :slight_smile: