Lines across the screen

Sorry I didn’t know which section to post this thread in. When I am developing the game in the editor and play the game via a ‘New Editor Window’ everything is perfectly fine, infact the game looks great and no issues at all, but if I play the game in Standalone or I play the game after packaging it the graphics are bodged. Whenever I look around I’ll get something hard to describe, it’s like there are lines across the screen, blurry or flickering lines, even if I change the games graphical setting they still appear when looking around. I just don’t know what these are caused by? the game runs perfectly fine in the editor window it’s just when in standalone or packaged versions. Has anyone experienced this before and know what it is?

Do you have vsync on?

Yes, I have also tried it with VSYNC off aswell and it’s the same thing happening.

I just don’t understand how come it runs fine in the editor window but via other methods is starts to mess up. Whats being done differently between them that it should be causing an issue.

Hmm, sorry, not sure. At least in stadalone you have console commands.

Can you post a gif?

So I just packaged the game again, loaded it up to play it and the flickering was there again, the game was fullscreen by default but I decided to try something new and pressed F11 as a last attempt to try something else, the screen reloaded and came back on and the flickering has gone. The screen itself has not changed size yet pressing F11 has fixed it. Why in the hell is this even a problem that exists? lol

If I send this game off for people to play it I’ve now gotta make sure they know to press F11.