Linear Particles Qs


I have this “spell cast system” in which I am storing single spells in different blueprints, for example, Spell_Missile, Spell_FireBomb, Spell_BuffDamage, and so on. When I cast the spell, and click the spot, it does work, and even does the damage if the damage is added to the SpellList. However I am looking for some guidance (new to particles completely, read some guides but still couldnt do it) to make a spell lineal, which means that if I am in point “A” and I click spot “B”, to generate a repeated particle that goes from my point (A) to (B). It should have some kind of distance between each particle aswell so it doesnt looks like spammed. What would be a proper way to do this? [or ideas]?


Google for beam emitters, there are some tutorials about it i think.