Linear Open World Space Game?

I’m not even sure if this is right place to go. But I started a new project a few weeks ago. Because of work and life I don’t have as much time to work on it. But seeing as my last project was a bit of mess in terms of nearly everything. I did learn a lot from it. Now Im working on a space game. But I promise it’s not a generic predicable space themed game. I know comparing games to one another indicates unoriginality, but after some research into what I’m trying to do. This concept is something like
starfox adventures mixed with shadow of the colossus. I have a video with no sound showing what I’ve had time to do. Right now I’m not working on it very often, but I am looking for a team. I’m too sure where to start too, but it’d be great to start my first team of Devs who love space stuff. I could technically make this game myself. But again life. And I’m coming out with a second book in the coming months which tightens my time even further but I really want to develop this game. Here’s some info about the game idea.

Mixing stylish but simple combat with a literal world of possibilities mechanics wise it’s about a mars alien character who crashes into one of Jupiter’s moons and meets a female alien. Along side the main character Rover, is a cosmic machine sword that can transform into nearly any other device. Leaving many possibilities for making the game play fun, simple, yet diverse. The game overall is about exploration and discovery. Roaming through three real life moons. Europa, Iapetus, and Titan. Which has unique alien life, colorful open lands, and interesting spacy mechanics to play around with these world’s.
Well in theory… This is my plans for the game. But again little time on my side. As big as this game sounds, It’s supposed to be simple, story focused, and somewhat linear (for the story. The open world would be accessible from the start). The open world has a mix of star fox esk story environments, and branches to landscapes dense with interesting things to learn and do.
Hopefully I get some conversations going here. Don’t know how I’ll be doing that though. But even if you’re not planning to join in possibly building this game I’d like opinions brutal or not. Thanks