Linear color picker bug


The linear color picker crashs when you try to select the color you want.
Version : UE 4.7.0 preview 8.

Procedure to reproduce :

1/ Create a blueprint

2/ Create a linear color variable

3/ Try to change the alpha from 0 to 1 using mouse (using mouse instead of entering manually 1 is part of the procedure to reproduce). At this point, the color picker windows closes.

4/ Open the color picker again, you can still adjust the color but if you try to change the contrast using mouse, the windows will close.

5/ After trying to adjust contrast, you can no longer select color on the picker using your mouse.

Thank you.

Hey Caracole -

Thank you for your report. While this particular issue missed the official 4.7.0 release version it is in the planned 4.7.1 hotfix.

Thank You Again -

Eric Ketchum