Linear Color Interpolate

How would I go about interpolating between 2 colours in c++ ? I tried using LinearColorLerp() in my code but it says it’s undefined. I have included #include “Kismet/KismetMathLibrary.h” but to no avail. I know I’m doing something fundamentally wrong but I don’t know what. Any help ?

Just copy the code:

LerpedColour = A + Alpha * (B - A);

Thanks, I just found that :slight_smile: Out of interest how do I use (call) blueprint nodes from c++ code ? I tried calling the LinearColorLerp function from the KismetMath Library and it wouldn’t compile - error unresolved externals. I included the KismetMathLibrary.h. I did read somewhere that it was because of “MINIMAL API” and needed to wrap it?

Yeah that’s it, I got stung the same way with UMG functions a while ago!

Basically the functions don’t get exported so you can’t talk to them in C++, so the best way is to just copy-paste the functionality over I’ve found so far.