Linear breakable constraint stretching faces issue. HOW to solve?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to figure out how to skin the mesh in a way which allows me to litreally break off limbs without leaving vertices or faces attached anywhere. I’ve tried to isolate the arm vertices in blender, split and then separate and while the arm is correctly loose in blender it still attaches to something and streches its faces when i set it to break off from the body at runtime. Can anybody help with it? Thanks in advance

It depends on weight paint. And no joint on an organic body will ever be able to have a clean enough cut to do that with phat.

You have to make a modular character and remove parts by deleting the meshes.

I see, so you’re suggesting I scrap the linear breakable thing and handle the detachment of the limbs via hit event in blueprints after making the character modular?

Wow that is amazing, good luck I hope the outcome is awesome!

linear breakable will never just work if you have good weight paint on a human body… if you separate the mesh without braking the bone off the main it will give the impression it fell off.

obviously the more parts can fall off the more mesh variations you need to have ready for swapping.

btw, remember when textuing that forearm and shins have 2 bones… XD

So I tried the detach metod and while it works I still have an issue related to ragdolling. Long story short after my character comes back from ragdoll the arm still follows the animations of the rest of the body despite being detached somewhere on the ground and told to use a custom animation mode that has no animation at all. How do I get it to keep ragdolling forever while not playing any animation at all? Basically how do I get it to act like an actual detached limb lol

Removing the phat from it should suffice.
on a modular character only the master mesh needs to be assigned a phat asset. The other parts will ragdoll along with it when needed.
Obviously if you need the part to tumble around you need its own phat on it.