Line Tracing Drawings??

Hey so I was wondering if anyone knows how I could trace simple drawings by firing tracings and then seeing whether it was traced accurately or not. The only idea I have at the moment of how to do that is have a possible 50 box overlaps creating that shape/drawing and checking for overlaps for each line trace. Please tell me theres another way than that any help is much appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, do you need something like LineTraceByChannel? I’ve used that to test accurate lines, see attachment

Here I use that function to trace a line from from (first person) camera to an object (in red) then trace a line to that point from the muzzle of the gun (in grey). Blue lines are the extension of red ones past the object, while grey lines (the bullet) would have green lines past the object would the object not stop the bullet (but it does, hence no green lines)

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the response, but I already know about line traces (linetracebychannel) but I want to be able to fire line traces to draw a simple drawing (eg, a smiley face) and then for it to come up as a success if it has traced over that drawing correctly. Sort of like in the Google halloween game.

Ah I see, that I can’t help you with. If/when you get it working, I’ll be interested to know how you did it.