Line traces

Hi all, how would I go about creating multiple line traces from the sky to the ground along a given distance in front of my character? Basically just checking for ground in front of my player
Hope this makes sense

Presumably it only needs to be from a point in front of the player, not actually from the sky?

Lol Yeah not the actual sky, but is there way to fire off multiple traces at different points along a distance? Say I have 10 mtrs in front of my player and I want a single button press to fire off 10 separate traces at 1mtr intervals. Should i be using something like a for loop and adjusting trace start/end variables?

Thank you.
thats what I’ve been trying to do

Not sure why you are doing multiple traces…

but just in case it is to get multiple hits I thought I should mention that there is a MultiLineTraceByChannel for example that returns multiple hits for a single trace. (Make sure to set the targets to Overlap instead of Blocking).