Line tracer behind the object

I thought I had everything right, but seems like I was completely wrong. The line tracer in both WallTracer and WallHeightTracer does not seem to execute the “Play Animation” from behind the object, even if I set the Trace Channel to visibility, it happens with all cubes around. But if I press the jump but while the character is behind the cube, it will actually execute the “Play Animation” node.

Here’s the simulation where the character is behind the cube:

The Branch node uses the false execution only, but if I press the jump button, it uses the True execution and then the False execution. Why is the line tracer ignoring the back of the cube but not the front, left and right parts of the cube???

Nobody knows why??? Could it be something with the mesh or with the line tracer?

You are not showing the line trace or the mesh, just part of the what appears to be a calculation of distance. Maybe if we see more of the BP, we can assist you

Screenshots from forward wall detect line tracer blueprint:

And screenshots from the low wall line tracer blueprint:

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Edit: In case it’s hard too see, here are the clickable thumbnails for a better resolution:
Forward wall detector:

Low wall detector:

Seriously now, my mind does not know how to calm down and think what can fix a simplistic little problem. All I had to do was to set the speed of impact to lesser than 700. so it’ll work on every side of any objects.

Topic is now solved.
I’m already starting to hate myself from wasting 24 hours for a simple problem…

Haha It is usually something small like this! Cheers