Line Trace Weapon with Advanced Particle Effects


Struggling with how to get particle effects working with line trace weapons. I have some already built with bullet mesh systems but want to optimize the net performance for high frequency weapons. However when I cant tie a particle to a mesh what is the most effective way to get a particle system working jointly with a tracer weapon system u.e. advanced tracer bullet or energy effect. Beam functionality seems a bit limited.

Is there a simple way to spawn a particle effect to move generically from A to B with velocity X?



I’m trying so many things to do this because I need it too.

If I find something, I will tell you.

Yeah I am sure there is a way just figured somebody would have solved this problem by now :slight_smile:

Is the best way just to tie it to an actor and use a timeline to move it smoothly?

Ok, I found something interesting.
Ribbon Emitter/Particle it’s called what we need.

There are many tutorials out there.

let me dig into later this week. Keep me posted on your progress and I will do the same.

have a look on the content examples map. They have some ribbon examples on there that could give you what you want. Or you could always go with an animtrail

Is there any tutorial or example of an implementation of a instant/trace gun tracer particle effect out there?

Something to hold you over:

Spawn an actor (hidden in view) with the length of it being the length of the shot. Attach the Advanced Particle Effects to that. Then destroy it.