Line trace to side of Spline

Hey guys, I used this tutorial to trace line along spline

but I want trace line to the left or right side of spline according to Spline current rotation(Yaw) just like this. The distance at the picture should be any float(distance from current spline point to required trace point).

view is from above,
RED DOT = line trace
GREEN CUBE = character
BLACK ARROW = spline direction

The important thing is Line trace start point… End point will be up vector of capsule component to hit landscape. Here is what I got, I was trying to solve it in some ways but I can’t keep the vector (trace start point) smooth and always at the side of my character

(don’t care about variables “left distance X/Y” are one of my unsuccessful attempts)
Thank you for any HELP :slight_smile:

Just reverse “Get Right Vector”.
Then you are always probing exactly left from the character regardless of position and rotation

Oh… I knew about right vector but didn’t know how to use it properly, but finally I got it… Right vector * Float(distance). Thank you so much :))

Were you able to get this to work? I am facing a similar issue, I want the vertices of my spline to align to the tilt of the surface they hit in the linetrace.