Line trace to hit only objects from certain classes?

I have a widget based menu system, and I need to use the disable depth test option to get the menu to be visible in smaller areas of my map, else menus gets spawned behind the floor, walls etc. The visible part works with disable depth test, but I can’t figure out how to get the line trace to follow the same procedure. When the menu is on, the line trace should hit only that active widget or object. Any ideas?

Create a custom ***Trace ***channeland ensure that the widget is using it. Also ensure that nothing else is using it. Use this channel when tracing, this will ignore anything else in the way.

THANK YOU! Seems like this solved my problem. If anyone else is wondering, I had to create a new trace channel in Project Settings -> Collisions. Then, in the WidgetInteraction component that I am using, I had to change trace channel to the new one. Last, I had to change the collision settings on objects that was interfering/blocking my trace to ignore the new trace channel. :slight_smile:

Well done. This is a great resource if you are ever in doubt: