Line Trace Over Screen Space Widgets / UMG


Is it possible to line trace and return a hit result over a widget component and its children?

What do you mean when you said “line trace”? Is this between UMG widgets?(I am wanting to do this.)
“hit result over a widget component” so UMG widgets to display a number in a text box?(I have a guide for this.)
Need some understanding.

Hi Baserage,

Do you mean running a trace over 3D widgets or widgets that are specifically displayed as a HUD? Linetraces are typically done to an object within the level, so with 3D widgets it should be possible as long as you set up your trace visibility/collision settings properly.

What you’re asking is probably line tracing on a 3D widget and getting the child widget such as buttons or text inside it that the trace hits. It’s not possible using traces.

Could you please elaborate a bit more about trace hit on 3D widget? (I’d like to be able to interact with 3d widget by using crosshair/aim, in mobile VR)

Then how would you do something of the sort?

Slate does it all the time when checking out mouse clicks, you can probably use that same logic to find the widget at a specific location.