Line trace on sword

Hey everyone,
I was just wondering how I would go about doing a line trace that travels along my swords path? Any help would be appreciated.


if it needs to be traces set up sockets on your sword…one at the tip and one at the hilt/base…then set a trace between those sockets (which you’ll get in your blueprint dragging off your “Sword mesh” find socket location… ) trace start and end will be those socket locations and do that every tick that you’re swinging…

But I suggest just putting a Capsule Collision around your sword and turn it’s collision on when your swinging…that way I go into detail in my WIP blog (check the signature)…It’ll explain lots of melee Blueprint stuff there…

Good Luck either way…

I assume he probably wants to have the sword actually hit things from slightly infront of it, hence the trace, but I agree a collision capsule around the sword would work better and just make it a bit longer than the sword

The problem with collision capsules is that overlaps don’t report impact normals. If he’s trying to do something like trigger a blood splatter or limb movement based on where the sword connects both in terms of location and angle, colliders won’t work… And traces from base to tip won’t either. You need frame-to-frame box or capsule shape sweeps, which can be done but are complicated as heck to set up.