Line trace not responding

I’am trying to get when two swords collide with each other by firing line trace from the attacking sword. When I hit the hitboxes from the player it works fine. But the weapon doesn’t generate a hit event when I try to block, if the defending player stands still and his sword is being hit, it works.
I’am not sure if it has something to do with the fact that I play the Animations over a blendspace? The two players can see every action properly so I doubt that the replication is a problem here.
Collision Filtering - Unreal Engine I went through this to see if I have a wrong understanding of the hitbox responses, but according to this blog everything should be fine.

Here is the hierarchy and the hitbox that should generate the collision with the line trace.

The settings of the hitbox. It should block on the visibility channel, hence it should give me a hit response.

This macro is used to generate a line from the points on the sword where it is now to the points in the previous frame. As already mentioned it works with the collisionboxes from the player character.

I hope someone can help me with this issue and tell me what I did wrong :slight_smile:

Update: even with anim montages it is the same. No collision with the enemy sword as soon as I go into a block position. But somewhere on the shoulder I get a collision with the sword and that’s really strange since the sword is quite a bit away from where I hit ^^