Line Trace Not activating on Skeletal Mesh

I’m trying to make a line trace hit skeletal meshes that are already imported to spawn a blood effect.

I am using a visibility trace to do so

I have set the Trace Responses to block the Visibility

I have also Enabled Per Poly Collision in the Skeletal Mesh settings


This works as expected for a specific skeletal mesh, successfully registering a hit and spawning a particle:

However, any other skeletal meshes will not register hits:

Is there something I’m missing, or another setting I enabled for the first mesh but forgot to enable for the others?

I have fixed the issue. Manually selecting the Skeletal Mesh in the Outliner, and Enabling Per Poly Collision there seems to do the trick.

However when browsing to the asset in content browser and enabling Per Poly Collision there doesn’t seem copy this setting over to the Outliner.