Line Trace: Making something happen before the Impact Point

Being a level artist, I’m not the best at programming.
The answer to my question of for sure very simple. Sorry in advance.

FPS project, casting a Line Trace with my gun. Simply trying to spawn an emitter a certain distance before the Impact Point.
Not the best with vector maths, but this one isn’t even a hard problem. Just been a while I didn’t do any blueprints and my brain needs a refresh I guess.

Thanks in advance!

You have the trace start point and end point ( both vector values ), you can find any point on the line using a vector lerp ( right click, type lerp and look for vector ). If you want 70% of the way along the line just set the lerp alpha to 0.7 etc… :slight_smile:

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Brilliant! Sorry I missed your reply, but thanks for the (now obvious) answer!