Line trace interaction with 3d Widgets

I am trying to get a simple menu working in a VR demo I am building for the Vive. I have seen several roundabout ways to interact with buttons in a 3d widget via line traces, but nothing that makes much sense to someone rather new at this like me. The theory of how to do it sounds easy, but once you try to implement a simple line trace interaction with a 3d widget, things get complicated.

Is there something easier than the solution in VR Content Examples - XR Development - Epic Developer Community Forums ??? I think I am close to understanding what is going on in there, but all the interfaces and custom things to handle trace inputs are a bit beyond me.

Is there going to be a better way to handle trace interaction with UMG 3D widgets in the future, or are we stuck with clunkier hacks? Is there a way to package the above solution into something more user friendly like a plugin?

Maybe I am just terrible at this and there is a really easy solution that I can’t see? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Just have the cursor follow the camera vector using the world space <-> cursor position nodes. No need for line traces