Line Trace hit location only reports one axis of information

Hey guys,

I’m using LineTraceForObject in the First Person Shooter demo and trying to make use of the Hit Location information but it seems I’ve discovered a bug. I only get a single axis of position data.

As you can see, on this face only the Y-axis seems to be reporting any change. On another face, I might get X-axis information, but still only one axis at a time.

For completeness, I’ll include the changes I made to the sample, but it isn’t much, as you’ll see. Have I missed something?

I set the wall to have ‘BlockAllDynamic’ as it’s collision preset. Because …

… I’m filtering the LineTrace for WorldDynamic.

Thanks guys,

Any ideas?

facepalm problem solved.

The issue is that I was using Actor orientation rather than Camera orientation.