line trace for objects-when line trace hits object render custom depth pass for true on object hit

I have been trying to get my object to highlight when the line trace hits it… but I have no idea how to do that. I have the line trace working when I press the trigger button on the
motion controller, the line trace comes out and when it hits the object it prints the objects name for me. so all that works. I have the outline working for the object. Now I just need to be able to turn off and on the Render Custom Depth Pass…I tried connecting it with in the BREAK HITS RESULTS(hit) but it wont let me connect the render custom pass to that.
Then I selected the object that I want to highlight and went to Level blueprint but I don’t know how to say, if (function-traceforobjects) is true then turn on Custom Depth Pass…that function exist in the Pawn Blueprint and for some reason I cant access it in the level blueprint? I cant show anything because its for work. thanks

Hi Spawn80, I’d like to help your issue but at least I need to see the part your BP that how it’s casting toward your object, and what kind of ray casting toward what kind of object. Wish I could help you soon!

Is this a school project?

Are you using interface calls to enable/disable the Custom Render Depth? Is there a reason your using the level blueprint to handle interaction? I don’t use level blueprints, so this might be the problem

I’m pretty new to blueprints, I was using level blueprints because I thought that was the only way to reference an object.